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Why fit a Gate Lock?

Gate locks can be used in many different walks of life - domestic, industrial, offices, factories, warehouses, gyms, shops, restaurants etc. Gate locks can be standard, double sided, code entry or with panic push pads. It is worthwhile spending a little time thinking about your security and access needs before deciding on a particular type of gate lock suitable for your premises.

Code Entry Gate Locks

The advantages of code entry gate locks are added security without having to issue keys to everyone who may use a particular entrance whilst keeping it secure and private.
Gate Control Gear offer code entry gate locks for both metal and timber gates. Keypads for code entry gate locks for the metal gates can be set to different or the same codes and can are self locking. These gate locks consist of two keypads fitted back to back and therefore can be fitted to a wide range of left or right sided gates.

The gate locks for timber gates are keyless and anti-corrosive stainless steel with a chrome coating, making them ideal for marine use i.e. vessels and quaysides. A "free passage" handle on the gate locks makes for easy passage in a high traffic area. Code setting and changing is as simple as ABC.

Standard Gate Locks

This is the "lock and key" gate lock which is familiar to us all and used universally. The advantage of only allowing a few personnel to hold a key is to limit access to premises to a select few. These gate locks are available with latches or deadbolts very much like a domestic front door. Variations with exit push pads are used for emergency exits.

Latched Gate Locks

For added security locks can be built into the latches on gates. These offer extra strength should some-one attempt to kick your gate or lift it off at the hinges (as some thieves and vandals do). These gate locks are suitable for commercial and domestic use and can be fitted to metal, timber or vinyl gates and can be set to lock automatically on closing.
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Gate Locks

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This article was published on 2011/03/26