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Collapsible gates install over dock doors, lift-up doors, hallways and entrance ways and provide ventilation, visibility, and security. They are utilized in a wide range of commercial and industrial uses, including major factories, shipping centers, warehousing complexes, retail centers, schools, hospitals, hospitals, medical laboratories, and office buildings.

Collapsible gates are manufactured from 3/4" wide 14 gauge steel channel that is riveted together back to back. The upright rails of the gate are manufactured from hot rolled angle iron. To prevent the gate from being pushed in or pressed down, a drop pin in the center of the gate secures it in position and provides added strength and rigidity

Collapsible gates are available in four standard model types and can be customized to fit uncommonly sized access points. Each gate includes a locking bar that can be locked with a padlock, and each gate will pivot 180 degrees pivot out of the way when not in use. All gates will drop approximately one inch in height when horizontally extended. Please take this into account when ordering your product to ensure that the gate will appropriately match the vertical height of your doorway. If you have any questions or further need for customization, talk to an Easy Rack Specialist.

Collapsible Door Gates

Door gates are intended to fit over door openings that measure 24" to 48" wide and 61" to 83" high. They are made with a reversible hinge design that allows them to be mounted on either the left or right side. You can either mount them in the door casing or in door opening itself.

Single Collapsible Gates

These single-piece gates are made to fit openings 4-1/2' X 7-1/2' wide and up to 8' in height. They are frequently used to control access to industrial bay doors, garage doors, and warehouse doors. They are manufactured and shipped standard to lock on the left side, but you can order them custom made to lock on the right side if necessary. Just like door gates, single collapsible gates can mount either over the doorway itself or over the door casing. The lead rail of the gate is made with a ball bearing caster that allows workers to easily extend and retract the gate.

Double Collapsible Gates

These two-piece gates can cover entrances and apertures that measure up to 10' in height. They are heavily used in warehousing and manufacturing environments where doorways have been designed not only to permit human foot traffic, but also vehicles as well. Manufacturers often custom build these gates to fit any size width, including dock doors and overhead doors. Both sides of the gate are made to pivot a full 180 degrees outward to the side when permit material handling equipment and vehicle traffic needs to pass through. Double collapsible gates lock together in the middle using a standard padlock.

Portable Collapsible Gates

Portable gates are great for construction sites and for use inside schools and hospitals where certain areas need to be blocked off after hours. In schools, after classes are over, portable collapsible gates can be used to block off hallways and cafeteria areas. Hospitals often use them to restrict access to intensive care areas, laboratories, and other sensitive areas of the facility.

Construction crews rely on portable collapsible gates as safety tools. Workers frequently mount them in doorways and hallways of buildings that are still under construction and not yet safe to walk through. They also use them and to limit access to supplies and equipment.

Portable gates collapse to 6 X 6.5' when not in use and can be stored in closets or portable buildings when not in use.

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Collapsible Gates

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This article was published on 2010/01/28